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Disclaimer: If a stone backsplash is desired, extra charges may apply. Pricing is for stone, sink, and installation only. Removal of old countertops and plumbing disconnect and reconnection may be extra.

To start, browse our slab and sink options. You will see both granite and quartz countertops labeled with a group letter and a slab number. You will also see pictures of sink types and styles. Depending on your type and group, prices will vary. Once you are ready to get your estimate follow the steps below:
Step 1: Choose your Countertop type and group from the first dropdown option.
Step 2: Choose the slab number that coincides with your countertop type and group.
Step 3: Input your square feet total for your countertops (Click here to learn how to calculate your sqft)
Step 4: Select your sink type from the dropdown box
Step 5: Select your sink style from the dropdown box

Once you have followed these steps your total will appear. Take a screenshot of your selections and text it to us for the fastest response.

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